Friday, October 19, 2018

Dievole Winery on our last day. The end of another awesome week!

What a view!

A different perspective.  

What an amazing day to paint outside...

with friends

A spot in the shade. 

A private place to paint in the gardens. 

Grapevines overhead smelled soooo good!

The view is spectacular 
More grapes overhead. 

My sketch in progress. 

Ron takes great pics!

I’m going to miss these friends!!!
Kathy’s group, the Peaches, called us the Busy Bees because we painted so much!

The Art Show or Monstra with both groups. So many new skills learned and beautiful work created!!!

New friendships were made. 

Confessions were heard! 

Olive branches were worn. 

I will miss these three guys! Especially Michaelino!

Arrivederci, San Fedele!

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