Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Last day in Dinan

Hard to believe it is over. We leave very early tomorrow morning to go home. It will be good to be home again but I sure will miss this place and the focused time for painting!!!! I have gotten a bit spoiled with lots of 'me' time to paint, amazing and different views each day, delicious pastries and breads, wonderful dinners cooked by Eileen (and sometimes me), Ron being here and so relaxed, and best of all, so much time to paint!!!!  But I do miss English and my family and friends and my students, and my studio and on and on. Yes, it will be good to be home again.

I have so many new paintings for my exhibit in April 2017! With many more to come. Today we went to the houses that I painted and took pics of me with the painting and the house. Here is one of them.

And the Jerzual Gate. This one is not quite finished yet.

A bientot, Dinan! I hope to be back again someday!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Dinan Castle Tour

Today we toured the Dinan Castle guided by our favorite tour guide, Ron. He had been there a few days ago so he knew everything about it!

We had a good laugh at my hair!
Another great day! Now we're back home painting in the warm house. Only ONE more day in Dinan!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

St Malo and an art exhibit

We drove to St Malo again today. It was a beautiful cool sunny day so it was the best time to be there. That's what everyone else thought too! It was very crowded by the time we left and it was gorgeous! Here are a few pics of the day.

Our shadows. Proof of the sunny day!


While we were there we went to see an exhibit that was recommended to us by my student, Annick, yesterday. The artist is her teacher in Paris, Marie Detree. It was held in a beautiful former church now an exhibitions space. The paintings were wonderful and there were soooo many! The expo even included some of her sketchbook pages. She works in oil and gouache.  
Can you imagine filling up this space with your paintings?!
Yes, beautiful fish heads

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Bike ride and watercolor lesson

Today Ron and I rode our bikes into Taden and beyond! We saw more of the Rance River and it is beautiful as it winds through the towns. 
Today I met with an artist, Annick, who I met last evening at the reception. I taught her some watercolor techniques. She is an oil painter and is no longer scared of watercolor! Success! Here she is while painting and her 3 finished paintings that she loves! "Tres Jolie!"
Here is another one of my finished paintings. Sorry for the repeat yesterday! I forgot I already showed you the spider webs. You can tell I like it!? Here is one called The Little Chapel at Mont St Michel.
And did I show you this one yet?

Friday, November 25, 2016

Exposition and Christmas Lights!

Today was the big day! We hung our paintings, prepared the house, had cheese crackers, cookies and wine for our 14 or so guests! The board of the La Grande Vigne, 2 reporters and a local artist and her husband were in attendance. It was a wonderful evening! I look forward to seeing the articles about us soon! The committee chose paintings from me and Eileen for the collection. Someday there will be a book with all of these paintings collected. 

Before the guests arrived.

The 'help'!  And he was a BIG help getting everything set up just right!!!

I abeing interviewed by one of the reporters. Eileen was interviewed too.

The paintings that were chosen for the Dinan Collection. 

After the exhibit we went to see all of the beautiful Christmas lights finally lit! The stores have been adding decorations all week and tonight was the big 'reveal'! 

And another finished painting..... Did I show you this one with the spider webs?  Chenanceau Chateau on an October morning.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving day! We had a very nice one. Quite a bit different than if we were home. We started with a tour of the Yvonne Jean Haffen house and museum. This is the artist who has made this residency possible  for so many artists over the years. She was a wonderful artist and I am inspired even more to paint seconds in Dinan and the area! Her home is wonderful and her studio is amazing!  Here are a few photos.
Yvonne Jean Haffen's home
The view from her front door. La Vignette, our home for the month, is just below.
The artist painted on her walls. 
Studio light! 
The studio is also the bedroom.
Yvonne Jean Haffen in her studio. She lived to be 93.
Her painting of her home. See La Vignette middle left? 

Our thanksgiving dinner was delicious!
The town of Dinan is getting ready for Christmas!
And a finished painting of mine.
Tomorrow is our exhibit! We bought some goodies and will get the house ready and hang our work on the bulletin board We each have over 20 paintings. 
I don't want it to end! But it will be good to be home again.
A bientot!