Friday, April 20, 2018

Sketches and a sunset

We stayed close to the casa today. My turn for the stomach thingy. I’m feeling much better now. I still felt well enough to draw a lot today and watch the sunset. Another fine day on Ilhabela Island at Casa na Ilha! Tomorrow, yoga and painting. I could get used to this. 
Wonky Woodworkers Home

Heaven’s Gate. 

View of the Casa from the rocks

What a way to end the day! The best painting of all by God, the greatest artist and creator!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Went to Town!

We learned the bus system today. We`re practically locals! We found some better bug lotion so the barrachudos (nasty mosquitoes) won`t like me so much. Seems to be working. We walked almost 4 miles by the beach and through town. Found a great place for lunch too. We will do that again soon so we can find the great art supply store. Do I NEED any more supplies? Well, maybe not, but it can`t hurt to look. Still working on the artwork. I`ll post as I finish things. You will just need to wait a little longer!  Enjoy these photos....

Drawing while waiting for the bus

On the bus

A great tree. Look at those negative spaces or sky holes!

Beautiful beach.

Look up!

Drawing at lunch with Denise, Lynn and Terry. Who is missing? Me, but I am taking the photo. Sherry was not feeling well today. She`s much better now though.

More sketching under an old tree.

The fish sculpture. 


Monday, April 16, 2018

(Backup) Another wonderful but rainy day

It rained most of the day but I was able to paint by the water and in and around the house. Here are a few samples in various stages of progress. I`ll post them as I finish them.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Beautiful Rain on Ilhabela!

It rained all night and all day today and it was wonderful! That is not something I would normally say. But since it rained we decided to stay in the house and paint instead of going into town to the market. It was great and we were all very productive. My challenge was to draw the rooms of the casa in my sketchbook. I’m still working on it but I was able to do a panoramic of the kitchen, living room, stairwell and bedroom. Maybe it will be done enough to post tomorrow.  
Here are some pics of the day....

Friday, April 13, 2018

São Paulo to Ilhabela!

We toured SP then rode almost 6 hours total to the ferry, then the island. It is a beautiful place. It was too dark to take photos by the time we got there. But here are some of the sights in São Paulo. Great city!  Pics of the house coming tomorrow.