Monday, April 30, 2018

Back to the Gardens!

I love being I in this garden setting. There is so much to see and draw and hear and smell. This garden was started by a man named Galeno and is kept up  by him and his family. They have a hostel which is somewhat primitive and very quaint. Heres the bathroom.

We drew from the balcony of the hostel rooms.

And the chicken house

And the chapel


Saturday, April 28, 2018

Another day in the studio

This morning we welcomed Jane into the casa. She arrived very early in the morning and was still able to get right to work in the studio! 
That`s Jane in the black at the table in her new studio. 

Today was Sherry`s last day in the casa and she was very productive finishing 2 more paintings and starting another.
We will miss you and your sense of humor and your ablility to converse in Spanish and get people to tell you their life stories in the first 5 minutes of meeting them! Sit in a comfy chair, watch the news, eat some meat and enjoy your pets and grandchildren when you get home. If your ears burn, yes, we ARE talking about you and there`s not a thing you can do about it.

Today`s sunset. I like to sit on the rocks to watch the awesomeness of this! 

Look at the color on those rocks!

I quickly painted as the sun set.  Not so great really. But painting a page of not so good sunsets is so much better than not having painted any!

Here`s what I painted after my Santa Seiva Garden inspiration. These were painted on the acrylic backgrounds that I created yesterday. (Or was it the day before?)
A charming house with an unusual tree.

A type of hibiscus.

Tomorrow, we wish Sherry a bon voyage and then we get back to painting. 

Borrachuda update: Not many new bites since using Zaz, the only bug repellant that works on the island! And the socks with sandals look is quite attractive.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Santa Seira Gardens

What a beautiful garden with so many great things to see and paint from flowers to animals, trees, and stuff! It has been built with all repurposed supplies.  We also had a wonderful lunch made with things from the gardens. Not enough time in one day to see it all. We will definitely go back later in the week. 
Here are a few pics of the Gardens and of my sketches 

The brown cake like  things is made of Fried Banana peel of a very young unripe banana. They called it ‘fake meat’. It was all vegetarian from the Gardens and was wonderful!

She liked me!

Drawing at sunset

Today’s sunset!

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Doodles and prepared some backgrounds

Today we stayed at the casa. It was a beautiful breezy day. I doodled a bit in my sketchbook.
This was a sketch in my sketchbook that was not very successful so I doodled around. I like it better but it might need a bit more.

We play Bananagrams every night before bed. Can you find some words here?

Then I played with some acrylics and gouache that were left behind by previous artists. I created a few colorful backgrounds for future paintings. Hope to show you something tomorrow. We will go to a lovely garden tomorrow just up (and down and up) the road. We’ll paint and have lunch which is prepared with all things grown in their gardens. Then we’ll paint some more. 

FYI  Did you know you can make a plunger from a plastic coke bottle? I learned how and it does work. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Buses to Vila

We took two buses to get to a town called Vila. It had a beautiful blue and white Church, a museum, art galley, great shops, the ocean, beach, boats and more. We’ll go back!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Very productive day for all!





No pics of me today but here is the sunset out my bedroom window. I never get tired of this!

Me drawing on the beach yesterday

What (or who) I was drawing!

This morning

If you can’t beat ‘em, paint ‘em. Borrachudas! Mini concertina sketchbook.