Sunday, November 20, 2016

Bon Dimanche. Good Sunday!

Today Ron and I went to a service at St Malo church. It was very nice. Beautiful music, magnificent old building, heat lamps and maybe a good sermon? It was in French so I'm not sure! 
Afterwards we walked to a few new parts of Dinan so Ron could check off all of the rampart walls on his map.
I took a few more pics of half timber houses and other things I will eventually paint. 

We stopped to get our daily baguette 'traditional' and back home to paint. Ron rode the bike along the Rance River path. Chili for dinner (it is French chili because it was made in France, of course).  This evening we walk, or drive since it is raining hard, to the Mercure hotel for our wifi fix and back to painting.  Just a normal wonderful day here in Dinan!

Our Art Reception will be on Friday, November 25 at 6:00 pm.  We have invited a few people we have met along the way as well as the committee who coordinated this residency.  We have quite a display so far but I have some more painting to do!  Back to work....

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